Five fastest hat-tricks in the history of Indian Super League

 Five fastest hat-tricks in the history of Indian Super League

Bartholomew Ogbeche, Ferran Corominas (Image Credit: Twitter)

The Indian Super League has reached its ongoing ninth season. It started in 2014 and has now reached new heights. Thanks to the league, football which was way behind in terms of popularity, has now gained some popularity. Quite a few teams have become champions while some dreams were diminished over the years. Meanwhile, during these nine seasons, some individual performances have entertained the crowds.

For context, it means that hat tricks by some of the players over the years. For the unversed, hat tricks are simply three goals by a player in the game. Fans who follow the game regularly know how difficult it is to score a hat-trick. Meanwhile, in this listicle, we will discuss the top-five quickest hat tricks in the history of the cash-rich league.

Five quickest hat-tricks in the history of the Indian Super League

Ferran Corominas
Ferran Corominas (Image Credit: Twitter)

1.  Ferran Corominas

Ferran Corominas wreaked havoc against the Kerala Blasters in the second half during a game in the 2017 season. At half-time, the game was evenly poised at 2-2. However, there was an eight-minute phase in which Coro decided to take the game away from the opposition.

In this phase, he took his team to 5-2. It all happened from the 48th minute till the 56th minute of the game. This is the fastest hat-tricks in the history of the tournament. 


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