Huge update on the Mini Auction before the start of the Indian T20 League 2023

 Huge update on the Mini Auction before the start of the Indian T20 League 2023

Ahead of the Indian T20 League 2023, big firms have invested heavily in both Digital Media and TV Rights. It has been found that the Indian Cricket Board had received a whopping Rs 44,075 Crore for broadcasting and digital rights (A+B Packages) for the Indian T20 League 2023-27 cycle.

For the last cycle of 2017-22, a total amount of Rs 16,348 Crore was invested for the overall Media Rights. Now, after this huge enhancement in the price, it has been considered that it will benefit not only the board but also the players.

The salary purse can get a substantial increase

As per the sources of InsideSport, it has been learned that this huge amount of cash from the media rights of this tournament will impact the player’s salaries positively. As franchises have already booked many players for the upcoming three years, no salaries will be increased for them.

However, for the mini-auction ahead of the next season, the franchises would have the luxury to spend more money. Instead of 90 Crore, teams will have a chance of spending 120-30 Crore. The governing body of this tournament will take the final decision soon.

The Indian Cricket Board gained this huge amount of money only for the broadcasting and digital rights of the sub-continent alone between 2023 to 2027. Another handsome package of money will be received by this Cricket Board for the remaining rest of the world and non-exclusive packages.

Along with it, it will also impact the overall prize money of this tournament. The overall prize money of this tournament can go up to a minimum of 25% for the 2023 edition. Central contracts and their amount will be boosted again. Match hosting fees for state associations will also increase due to this huge economic boost. Even, all franchisees will be able to get a huge share from the Indian Cricket Board’s central pool. The final name of the winner of these TV and Digital Media Rights is still to be disclosed by the Indian Cricket Board itself.


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