IPL 2023 Final Reserve Day: All you need to know

 IPL 2023 Final Reserve Day: All you need to know

IPL 2023: Reserve Day (Source: Twitter)

Rain has postponed both Qualifier 2 and the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 championship game between Gujarat Titans (GT) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) scheduled for Sunday, May 28 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. A light drizzle started to fall as the event managers were making ready for the closing ceremony.

15 minutes before the scheduled toss time (7 p.m. IST), the amount of rain increased, and high-speed winds and thunder also started to develop. However, the crowd at the Narendra Modi Stadium continued to dance to the sounds of DJ Nucleya, who was present for the closing ceremony.

Thousands of fans had already formed lines before the start of the big final, with followers of the Chennai Super Kings occupying the majority of the stands as they arrived to see MS Dhoni. Due to the persistent drizzle, the Sunday coin toss was canceled. Due to the amount of water that the ground had absorbed from the heavy rain, the plaza of the Narendra Modi Stadium appeared to be a lake.

Super Over would be the last resort in IPL 2023 Final

Before 12:26 AM IST on May 29, a 5-overs-per-side contest must be finished. There will be no Super Over today, therefore the match officials must wait for a 5-over match to start. The match will move onto the Reserve Day if even a 5-over match cannot be finished on Sunday.

Notably, the IPL 2023 Qualifier 2 between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians was delayed by rain before it began. However, the rain eventually ceased after a few hours, and the two teams played a full 20-overs-per-side match. Gujarat Titans defeated Mumbai Indians by 61 runs to get to the final, riding Shubman Gill‘s superb hundred (129), which was the difference in the match.

The teams will play a Super Over to determine the winner if a 5-over match for the final cannot be arranged to end before the conclusion of the extra time on the reserve day. The field and pitch must be ready for use by 1.20 a.m. (Final) for the Super Over to start.

The victor of the corresponding playoff game or final shall be the team that finished first in the league table following the completion of the 70 regular-season contests. Even if the Super Over cannot start as specified in paragraphs 8 and 9 or continue uninterruptedly after that, this rule still holds.


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