KL Rahul reveals his conversation with Virat Kohli ahead of Bangladesh encounter

 KL Rahul reveals his conversation with Virat Kohli ahead of Bangladesh encounter

KL Rahul-Virat Kohli (source: Twitter)

KL Rahul had been struggling to get going in the initial matches of the 20-20 World Cup 2022. The star batter had only scored single digits in the first three matches. However, that appeared to change in Wednesday’s match against Bangladesh.

The opening batter scored a brilliant half-century in the match to give India a head start. He ended his innings with the figures of 51 runs in 32 balls. With KL Rahul returning to form, everyone pointed to the pre-game conversation he had with Virat Kohli. It’s worth noting that Rahul and Kohli had a lengthy conversation during the indoor session before the match against Bangladesh. Kohli was seen instructing the opener on foot movement and other technical aspects.

It’s been more challenging than our previous tour: KL Rahul

Rahul has now revealed the conversation between the two batters. He stated that the two were simply discussing the wicket in Australia and how it is playing differently than on previous tours. Rahul then stated that he was attempting to comprehend Kohli’s mindset after watching the latter score runs with ease in the first two games.

“We were actually just discussing how Australian conditions have been a little different this time. We have come here before and played Test cricket and we expected the wickets to play in a certain way and that’s not happened so far, and it’s been more challenging than our previous tour. We were just talking about that thing,” he said.

“We were discussing the mindset and what we can do in the middle. I was seeing if I can use something that he says in the middle and if we can help each other. Those are the discussions that we all have as players. Obviously, he has been doing really well in the last few games and I was trying to understand his mindset and what he is thinking while he is in the middle. Just about that,” he added.


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