R Sridhar Raises Questions On The Absence Of Prithvi Shaw From International Circuit

 R Sridhar Raises Questions On The Absence Of Prithvi Shaw From International Circuit

Prithvi Shaw and R Sridhar (Image Source: Twitter)

Prithvi Shaw is known as one of the most talented batters for the next generation of India. However, in recent times, he failed to show up for India. Mainly, fitness issues have prevented him from others from getting into the national setup. While other youngsters like Shubman Gill have risen on occasions for India.

Now, former India fielding coach, R Sridhar raised questions about the continuous absence of Shaw from the international circuit. Shaw has fallen down the rank due to his bad form, controversy, and fitness issues. Hence, Sridhar said that he is completely wondering why Prithvi Shaw is not being able to gain a spot even in India’s second squad. 

“It’s something which we all wonder why? Prithvi Shaw is so good on the off-side.” – R Sridhar

Speaking in a reply on Cricket.com, Sridhar said that Prithvi Shaw has a great ability to put any bowler under pressure with his shots. He said: “It’s something which we all wonder why? A batter who makes bowlers look absolutely silly. He is so good on the off-side. He’s got great hands going through the ball. You bowl any length to him, and he is able to put it away in the gap and stuff like that,”

Sridhar also added that fitness has been the major talking point regarding him. It is the only thing that has prevented him from getting a comeback call to the Indian Team setup. “The reason why he’s fallen down in the pecking order is, first, his fitness. I’m not sure why he’s not able to make it into these squads. He started off the IPL well, but slowly as the tournament progressed, his performances fell apart a little bit, if I might say so.” Sridhar added.

He also emphasized that people need to give him some time to work on his basics and work ethic. “Maybe we are being harsh on the kid. We need to give him time. He is obviously young and needs to get his act together in terms of his work ethics,” R Sridhar concluded.     


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