Watch: Big Explosion Happened During Shpageeza Cricket League In Kabul, Video Goes Viral

 Watch: Big Explosion Happened During Shpageeza Cricket League In Kabul, Video Goes Viral

Bomb Explosion in Kabul Stadium (Image Source: Twitter)

The Shpageeza Cricket League T20 is going in Kabul as the Afghanistan Cricket Board organizes it. It came into the picture in 2013 only. On 29 July 2022, a match was on between Band-e-Amir Dragons and Pamir Zalmi in Kabul. However, an unexpected incident occurred in the field. Even, Officials from the United Nations were present at the stadium.

A Bomb exploded during the match in the stadium. Spectators were present and due to such unwanted circumstances, they left the stadium quickly. It became more serious as this explosion two days after an explosion took place near the gate of Gurdwara Karte Parwan in Kabul. Meanwhile, today’s video from the ground went viral and it got surfaced quickly on Twitter.

Here is the shared video: 

The same Bomb explosion incident happened in this Shpageeza Cricket League back on 2017

Speaking of the other blasts from earlier, several blasts happened through Gurdwara Karte Parwan in Kabul’s Bagh-e Bala neighbourhood in June. This is not the first time that a bomb explosion happened in this league.  In 2017, a suicide bomber detonated explosives at a checkpoint outside the Alokozay Kabul International Cricket Ground in Kabul. 

The explosion took place on Wednesday, 13th September 2017. It also took place when Boost Defenders and Mis-E-Ainak Knights were playing a match in this tournament. Speaking about today’s incident, all players went to a bunker to save themselves from any life-threatening mishaps. It was the 22nd league match of the Shpageeza Cricket League. The overall condition of this country is not up to the mark as the Taliban have taken over in August 2021. 

In recent times, The Islamic State has targetted several religious monuments. Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) attacked the Gurudwara, which claimed the lives of dozens of Sikhs and Taliban members. As of now, nine people have been found wounded while casualty members are most likely to be higher. Apparently, the second innings of the match has been started after the blast at the stadium.


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