Watch: Pakistan fan juggled between Virat Kohli’s cover drive and Rawalpindi Test

 Watch: Pakistan fan juggled between Virat Kohli’s cover drive and Rawalpindi Test

Pakistan vs England (Image Credit: Twitter)

The first Test between Pakistan and England in Rawalpindi was one of the most entertaining since the start of this month. From the first day till the last, the Three Lions made records and also ensured that the game remains alive. After batting for 136.3 overs, they amassed 921 in comparison to Pakistan’s 847 runs in 251.3 overs. Meanwhile, a Pakistani fan still got distracted.

Apparently, he was seen watching Virat Kohli’s cover drive against Pat Cummins. On the other hand, he also saw what was happening in the game. It is not surprising to see such things as Pakistani fans do have a craze for Virat Kohli. The video has been doing rounds on the internet ever since.

Watch the video here

Meanwhile, the Ben Stokes-led side managed to win the game. Their bowlers took five wickets in the last session and won the game with light fading in the end.

After the game, Stokes said “There’s a few things you can plan for, what happened to the squad a few days before the match you can’t plan for. A few days ago we were running around trying to start on time. So credit to the group for coming here, turning up under the weather, Will Jacks getting the nod at the last minute and Popey having to take the gloves. What we’ve had to deal with coming in makes this win even better. We’ve played eight or nine Test matches with me and Brendon in charge and we try to focus on ourselves, take the positive option and not second guess ourselves with what the opposition might do.

We’ve an exciting team and it was a great pitch to bat on, so a chance for us to go and express ourselves. For the lads to run in all day as they did today, it’s great as a captain to see that enthusiasm. I don’t think I’ve seen a group that want to put their bodies on the line so much. A really special group. We wanted to come here and carry on with our mantra of exciting cricket and giving ourselves an opportunity to win. We’ve no interest in drawing.”


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