Apex Legends Season 20 brings several big gameplay changes

 Apex Legends Season 20 brings several big gameplay changes

The latest season of Apex Legends is bringing in some huge changes. These include both buff and nerfs alongside new legend abilities and armour changes. Let’s have a quick look at some of the biggest changes coming to the game.

Crafting changes

Season 20 is changing how crafting works entirely. Players will no longer need to scour materials to use replicators. Moving forward, players will be able to craft items for free. However, replicators can be used only once and will have only four items available to craft. These are –

  1. Med Kits
  2. Shield Batteries
  3. Expired Banners
  4. Ammo

Players can no longer upgrade evo armour, Turbochargers or backpacks. The removal of armour crafting comes due to armour changes.

Armour Changes

Armour will now not be available in-game, as players will only have the shield they spawn with. This will be your regular evo shield that upgrades with damage. However, since players cannot upgrade armours using replicators, new Evo Harvesters and Evo Caches will be available to gain Evo charges.

Shield swapping will also work differently. Players will not be able to swap shields from a death box, however, they will be able to pick up Armour Cores that will refill the shield temporarily during the fight.

Legend Upgrades

The new Legend Upgrade system will allow players to have new useful abilities unique to their legends. These upgrades will be available with their shield level up. Upgrading the evo shield from white to blue will give one upgrade.

Upgrading from blue to purple will give you the second legend upgrade. Each legend will have four upgrades. These upgrades will have a drastic change in gameplay for everyone.

Along with these, ranked changes are also there. Players will have new map rotations and weapon drops from the care package. Full balance changes are available in the official patch notes.


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