BGMI Rising Star Showdown Season 3; Grand Final winner and overview

 BGMI Rising Star Showdown Season 3; Grand Final winner and overview

Three days of intense battle has finally come to a close and Carnival Gaming has secured the BGMI Rising Star Showdown S3. The team displayed another great performance on the final day and managed to remain on top till the end.

Entity Gaming, despite not winning any match, remained in the top five for most of the matches with multiple finishes. The team managed to climb up to the second position with their final-day performance.

Reckoning Esports on the other hand did manage to secure a match. However, due to inconsistent performance on the final day, the team went down to the third position. A similar case also happened for Chemin Esports.

Many other seasoned teams like Gods Reign, Genesis Esports, and Revenant Esports dropped the ball in the grand finals. All of these teams qualified for the semifinals with the best overall score on the leaderboard.

Here are the final standings of all teams after Day 3 –

Carnival Gaming – 155 points
Entity Gaming – 143 points
Reckoning Esports – 133 points
Orangutan – 120 points
Hyderabad Hydras – 118 points
Team SouL – 107 points
Team Forever – 105 points
FS Esports – 105 points
8Bit – 92 points
Chemin Esports – 89 points
Gods Reign – 88 points
GodLike Esports – 83 points
Gujarat Tigers – 68 points
Genesis Esports – 68 points
Revenant Esports – 61 points

Hyderabad Hydras managed to secure a whopping three chicken dinners out of six matches. While their final performance did shoot them up in the top five, it came a little late to secure the first position.

Match winners, Day 3 –

Similar to Day 2, the opening match was secured by Carnival Gaming with a 23-point chicken dinner. This was followed by Hyderabad Hydras with two back-to-back chicken dinners with 19 and 16 points respectively.

Orangutan took the fourth match with 18 points, followed by another Hyderabad Hydras victory with 21 points in the fifth match. The final match was secured by Reckoning Esports with a 17-point chicken dinner.


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