Bowlers who crossed 1000 runs and 500 wickets barrier

 Bowlers who crossed 1000 runs and 500 wickets barrier

The stalwarts!

Over the years, cricket has seen the development of many bowling masters, but very few have accomplished the amazing record of scoring 1000 runs or more and taking 500 or more wickets at the same time in their illustrious careers. Some of the greatest legends in the game call this an elite club where they showcase their extraordinary talents and long-lasting contributions to the sport.

Moreover, the fact that Muthiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne, James Anderson, Anil Kumble, and Stuart Broad are members of the elite group of bowlers with 1000+ runs and 500+ wickets is a credit to their exceptional abilities, commitment, and endurance. In addition to leaving a lasting impression on cricket, these legendary players have served as an inspiration to aspiring bowlers worldwide. As supporters, the least we all can do is admire their accomplishments and rejoice in the golden age of bowling greatness.

Let’s look at the bowlers with outstanding mark in the game:

5. Muthiah Muralitharan – 1261 runs & 800 wickets

Muttiah Muralitharan (Source: X)

With an incredible 1261 runs and an unmatched 800 wickets in Test cricket Muthiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka, is frequently considered the best spin bowler in cricket history. Muralitharan, who is renowned for his unconventional bowling motion and spectacular ball spin, has had an enormous influence on the game. He is a cricketing legend due to his incredible longevity, unwavering skill, and record-breaking wicket total.


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