ESL Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI; Day 11 standings

 ESL Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI; Day 11 standings

ESL Snapdragon Pro Series

Day 11 for ESL Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI was dominated by Chemin Esports with a surprising comeback. While the team was already in the top three, their most recent performance has put them on top.

A few other popular organisations also managed to hop up a few positions. The real fight, however, is going on the lower side of the leaderboard for a spot in the grand finals. Reckoning Esports who was barely qualifying has been pushed outside the zone.

The team now only has three more matches for the final day to try and take their position back. Currently, competing with those on top of the leaderboard might not be the best option. The best path would be to play it safe and give their best.

Here are the standings after Day 11 –

Chemin Esports – 372 points
Team SouL – 329 points
Entity Gaming – 328 points
Global Esports – 325 points
WSB Gaming – 304 points
Revenant Esports – 295 points
Blind eSports – 290 points
Team Iflick – 290 points
Gods Reign – 273 points
Gujarat Tigers – 271 points
Team Forever – 264 points
Orangutan – 263 points
Carnival Gaming – 262 points
GodLike Esports – 249 points
GENxFM Esports – 247 points
Alibaba Raiders – 244 points

With the current score, the top three teams are going nowhere but the grand finals. All they have to do now is play it safe. However, the same cannot be said for the ones at the bottom.

Match winners for day 11 –

Revenant Esports secured the first match with 25 points, followed by Blind eSports with 31 points. The third match was secured by Global Esports with 29 points.

Carnival Gaming managed to nab the fourth match with 25 points and held on to their spot in the top 16. However, they will have to work hard on the final day also.

After a disappointing first match, Chemin Esports made a huge comeback by securing the last two matches. The fifth match with 30 points and the sixth with 29 points.


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