Five dark secrets of the Indian T20 league

 Five dark secrets of the Indian T20 league

Chris Gayle (Image source: Twitter)

The Indian T20 league isn’t just a tournament, but a festival as well. Millions of people wait for months for this league to commence, as it acts as a stress-buster. However, like everything else in this world, the Indian T20 league isn’t perfect either.

It has its flaws, as well as a dark side, which the public is unaware of. So what are the darkest secrets of the most popular T20 league in the world? Today, we shall be taking a look at five dark secrets of the Indian T20 league.

1) Cheerleader confessions

Cheerleaders have been a part of the Indian T20 league for quite a while now. While the reason for their existence is to catalyse the entertainment factor, they have their own stories. Several cheerleaders have accused the governing council of being racist, as they tend to only pick white women.

Some foreign cheerleaders have also spoken about how hard it is to perform in front of the Indian audiences in the stadium. A cheerleader named Gabriella Pasqualotto had spoken about flirtatious parties that are organized by her employer, Mumbai. She spoke about the same in 2011.

2) After-party in the Indian T20 league

An after-party is supposed to be fun and exciting. However, this league has seen several ugly incidents when it comes to the after-party culture. Due to the consumption of alcohol, there have been several fights between players from the same team.

There have been some rave parties that have been conducted without the permission of the respective team management. Although nothing has ever been official, there have been numerous speculations about the same. Having said that, the league’s official management has done a good job in keeping all of this under the wraps.


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