Happy Birthday Lionel Messi: 5 unknown facts about Football legend

 Happy Birthday Lionel Messi: 5 unknown facts about Football legend

Lionel Messi (Image Source: Twitter)

Lionel Messi is known for his extraordinary talent in football as he had been providing some fantastic moments on the football pitch for his global fans. On this same day (24 June) in 1987, Lionel Messi was born. On 24 June 2022, he turned 35 years of age. All his fans and football greats from the world had showered a lot of love and good wishes for his career in the near future.

Messi is currently playing for his club, Paris Saint-Germain after spending his whole club career at Barcelona since his younger days. Currently, he had won the most number of Ballon d’Or (7 times). Recently, he had won two major trophies (Copa America and CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions) with his National side, Argentina. Now, later this year, he will look to win the football World Cup for his nation after their first triumph in that same tournament in 1986.

FC Barcelona signed him on a Napkin

During the 2000s, FC Barcelona’s scout Carles Rexach flew to Argentina to watch a 12-year-old Messi play football. Carles was known for his experience, as a former player, and coach as he was quite impressed after watching that little magician. Then, he took a napkin and hired him immediately as a contract was written on it.

Messi Rejected the opportunity to represent Spain

As Messi was fully settled back in Barcelona, the Royal Spanish Football Board decided to invite him to join Spain’s National Team. But, he denied it as he always wanted to play for Argentina.

All his goals get dedicated to his Grandmother

It had been observed that with each and every goal, Messi’s arms and eyes point automatically up to the sky as if he were praying. However, it was not a prayer as he had been dedicating all his career goals to his grandmother, Celia Olivera Cuccittini, who passed away some years ago. Celia was who first recognized Lionel’s skills and who took him to a football pitch for the first time.

Messi holds the Guinness World Record of scoring the most number of goals in a calendar year

Back in 2012, Messi scored 91 goals for his club (then, FC Barcelona) and country in the calendar year. 

Most appearances on a video game cover by a football player

Messi has the record for most appearances on a video game cover by a soccer player in multiple franchises. He has featured in 10 video game covers so far throughout his career.


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