Orangutan crowned champions of Upthrust Esports BGMI The Patriot Cup

 Orangutan crowned champions of Upthrust Esports BGMI The Patriot Cup

The final day for the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), The Patriot Cup by Upthrust Esports, has concluded. Orangutan has managed to hold on to the top spot and are crowned champions.

Following behind were Team Tamilas in second place. Autobotz Esports, who redeemed themselves during the grand finals, were in the third position.

The last day was also very intense for the top teams, especially for Orangutans, who were fighting to hold their positions. When the dust settled, the team came out on top with 220 points and five chicken dinners.

Here are the top eight teams with prize distributions –

Orangutan – Rs 2.5 lakh
Team Tamilas – Rs 1.5 lakh
Autobotz Esports – Rs 1 lakh
Reckoning Esports – Rs 75,000
Global Esports – Rs 50,000
Chemin Esports – Rs 25,000
Hyderabad Hydras – Rs 25,000
Aerobotz Esports – Rs 25,000

While Team Tamilas did put a lot of effort into reaching 181 points, the difference was quite significant. A similar case also occurred with Autobotz Esports in third place with 157 points.

Reckoning Esports, who had a good start in the grand finals, just remained ten points shy of third place at 148 points. What’s even more heartbreaking for Global Esports fans was that the team remained three points away from the top 4 position at 146 points.

Other seasoned teams like Gods Reign, Team SouL, Entity Gaming, GodLike Esports struggle to perform this time around.

Overall top fraggers after the grand finals

Wondering how Orangutans became champions? The top three fraggers after the grand finals concluded were from Orangutan. WizzGod stood strong at 42 finishes, while AKOP came out with 41 finishes. Close behind was Drigger with 36 finishes.

The number of finishes paired with the most number of chicken dinners made the Orangutan the champions. WizzGod was also crowned the MVP of the tournament for his performance and awarded Rs 50,000.


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