PGL CS2 Major; RMR Decider Stage 1 overview

 PGL CS2 Major; RMR Decider Stage 1 overview

Stage 1 for the PGL CS2 Major concluded with three teams moving forward while the other three returned home. With European RMRs concluded, these teams were fighting for the last EU spot in PGL CS2 Major.

Unfortunately for Astralis, they are now also among the teams missing the first-ever Counter Strike 2 Major. Along with them, Fnatic and BetBoom Team also lost their games and will also return home.

Here are the teams moving forward to Stage 2

Guild Eagles

9Pandas finished Stage 1 with the highest score and have secured a direct spot in Stage 2 Round 2. Guild Eagles and GamerLegion will now face each other in Round 1 with the winner facing 9Pandas in Round 2.

Stage 1 overview

Opening matches for Stage 1 went by pretty quickly, with the winners dominating their opponents. Apart from Fnatic, none of the other teams were able to put up a great fight.

The first match between Fnatic and GamerLegion was going on par, leading to overtime. This is where things went south as Fnatic lost their grip, giving the victory to GamerLegion. The second match saw the teams play Fnatic’s map pick, despite that, the team lost again.

Guild Eagles also defeated BetBoom Team in the first two matches without much of an issue and secured their way to Stage 2. What’s surprising was Astralis similarly losing to 9Pandas.

Astralis boasts some of the best players in competitive Counter-Strike, including blame and dev1ce. Despite that, they lost 2-0 against a fairly new team. The team tried to put up a fight, however, it did not work out for them.

Sadly, this will be the end of the line for these three teams in 2024 PGL C2 Major Copenhagen.


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