Remembering Don Bradman on his death anniversary: Five records set by legend that may never be broken

 Remembering Don Bradman on his death anniversary: Five records set by legend that may never be broken

Donald Bradman (Image Credit : Twitter)

On 25 February 2001, the cricketing world lost a legend of the game in the form of Sir Don Bradman. During his 20-year international career, he made a lot of records with his marathon and entertaining batting.  Here we will discuss the five records made by the 52-Test veteran which may be broken.

Five records that may never be broken

  1. Most runs against one team

Bradman scored 5028 runs against England in the 37 games.  Notably, he played just five matches each against India, South Africa, and the West Indies. However, most of his games are against England. Still, scoring 5028 runs against a single team is a record that looks hard to break.

2. Most centuries against one team

Bradman hit 19 centuries against England, which is highest in Test cricket. Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar is the second highest century maker against one opposition i.e the West Indies. He hit 13 hundreds against the Caribbeans. Australia Test vice-captain Steve Smith is currently on 11 hundreds against England.

3. Highest batting average

‘The Don’ averaged 99.94 at the end of his playing career. While he had a staggering average against England, he averaged 178.75 against India, 201.50 against South Africa, and 74.50 against the West Indies. Notably, he only played five games each against these teams. Despite cricket becoming a batters game, it is unlikely that this record too will be broken.

4. 300 Runs in a single day

In 1930, he scored a tripe-ton against England at Leeds in a single day. He amassed 309 runs on that day and was dismissed at 334 runs the next day. Only Virender Sehwag came close with 284 runs against Sri Lanka in 2009. No one else has ever come close to break the record.

5. Scoring runs in multiples

Bradram multiplied his runs at a staggering pace. He took just 13 innings to reach 1000 runs, 22 innings to reach 2000 runs, 33 innings to reach 3000, 48 innings to reach 4000, 56 innings to reach 5000, and 68 innings to reach 6000 runs.


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