Star wants BCCI to start Indian T20 League on this date, the reason is worth a change

 Star wants BCCI to start Indian T20 League on this date, the reason is worth a change

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The BCCI had initially planned to start the fifteenth edition of the Indian T20 League on March 27. However, the broadcasters have a different demand. Over the years, the double headers have always been the best days during an edition. Thus, keeping that in mind, Star have a different proposal.

According to a report by Cricbuzz, the broadcasters want to prepone the tournament by a day. This is one of the major reasons why the board hasn’t announced the official schedule for the 2022 edition. Star wants the tournament to begin on March 26, which is a Saturday.

They plan to have a double header on March 27, which happens to be a Sunday. It is to be noted that a Monday can’t have a double header, unless it is a public holiday. However, the first day of the tournament generally consists of just one game, and not two.

“We understand that a Saturday start helps the broadcaster to kick-start the league with a bang with three matches in the first weekend. A Sunday inauguration would not permit that. The BCCI and the broadcasters were in discussion over this and eventually it could be on March 26,” revealed a franchise official.

The official schedule of this edition however is yet to be announced. With the addition of two new teams, the schedule might be longer. In the meanwhile, Star has reportedly given an update to the commentators about the days when they need to make themselves available.

“At the onset, wanted to check with you on your availability for ITL 2022 on the world feed broadcast. So request you to please provide your availability not only for the tournament but probably say minus 8-10 days from the start date and plus five days from the end date to be safe, so effectively from 19th March 2022 to say June 7, 2022,” read the mail, which spoke about the same.


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