Twitter reactions: Kohli fans blast Gautam Gambhir for calling Indian skipper ‘immature’

 Twitter reactions: Kohli fans blast Gautam Gambhir for calling Indian skipper ‘immature’

Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli (Image source: Getty Images)

Day 3 of the third Test between India and South Africa saw a huge controversy when South Africa skipper survived a close LBW call. Elgar was hit on the pads and the ball looked likecrashing into the stumps. The on-field umpire also gave the decision in India’s favour. Elgar then decided to challenge the decision. From the naked eye, he looked dead plumb but the replays showed that the ball was going over the stumps. The entire Indian team was stunned by the call. Kohli could not believe what he saw. Even the umpire looked shocked. The Indian skipper was visibly frustrated.

Kohli never shies away from expressing himself and it was no different on Day 3 of the match. Kohli went to the stump mic and said, “Focus on your team as well and not just the opposition, trying to catch people all the time.”

Former India player Gautam Gambhir has now reacted to Kohli’s outburst and said that what Indian skipper did was wrong and even called Kohli immature. “This is really bad. What Kohli did, going near the stump mic and reacting in that manner, that is really immature. This is not what you expect from an international captain, from an Indian captain. Then technology isn’t in your hand. Then you have reacted in the same manner when there was a caught-behind appeal on the leg-side, neither did Dean Elgar react in that manner. During that Mayank Agarwal appeal, it looked out from the naked eye, but Elgar did not react in that manner,” he said on Star Sports.”

He also said that head coach Rahul Dravid needs to have a word with Virat Kohli, adding that he can’t be a role model if he sticks to this attitude. “No matter what you say, stuff like he plays with his heart on his sleeve, this reaction was an exaggerated one and you can’t be a role model in this manner. No budding cricketers would want to see this kind of reaction, especially from the Indian captain. “No matter the result in this Test match, this is not what you expect from a Test captain who has led the team for so long. I hope Rahul Dravid has a word with him because the type of captain Dravid was, he would have never reacted in this manner,” Gambhir said. Meanwhile, Kohli fans were not amused by Gambhir’s comments and trolled him on Twitter.

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