5 International Cricket Teams And Their Football Counterparts

 5 International Cricket Teams And Their Football Counterparts

Similarities between Cricket and Football Teams (Image Source: Twitter)

Both Cricket and Football are the most followed sports in the world. Several top players from these sports have always looked to entertain fans. However, there are several cricket teams whose performance can be compared to a footballing nation.

Teams from both these sports have looked to dominate in the global sports market. Based on game approach, style, and results, a cricket and a football team can be compared. Even, it will help global fans to have clear insights regarding teams and their performances.   

Here are the five international cricket teams and their football counterparts


Brazil and Australia
Brazil and Australia (Image Source: Twitter) 

In the footballing world, Brazil is the most successful nation ever. This team has won five world cups so far. Even, several great players like Ronaldinho and Ronaldo came across over the years. Speaking of being the most successful team, Australia holds the same calibre in the cricketing world. 

In 1996, Brazil did not lose 35 consecutive matches. While Australia also did not lose 34 straight World Cup matches in their history. They have also won the World Cup five times. Even, though they have appeared a record number of six times in World Cup finals. Like Brazil, they have produced top players like Ricky Pointing, Shane Warne, and others.   


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