Cricket to see new rules in 2022, Mankading no more against ‘Spirit of the Game’

 Cricket to see new rules in 2022, Mankading no more against ‘Spirit of the Game’

Over the years, the “Mankading” rule has been one of the most debated topics. While some people feel that it is within the laws, the others perceive it to be against the spirit of the game. Thus, several experts of the game have had to address the topic on several occasions.

Recently, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Laws sub-committee went on to suggest a few changes for the 2022 code. It is to be noted that they were approved at the Club’s Main Committee meeting last week. While the changes are currently being announced, they wouldn’t be put into action before October.

“Since the publication of the 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket, the game has changed in numerous ways. The 2nd edition of that Code, published in 2019, was mostly clarification and minor amendments, but the 2022 Code makes some rather bigger changes, from the way we talk about cricket to the way it’s played,” said Fraser Stewart, MCC Laws Manager, as quoted by My Khel.

Thus, Mankading will now come under run out, and not unfair play. According to Law 41.3, running out the non-striker was unfair play. However, it has now been moved from Law 41 to 38 (run out). The wording of the law remains the same though.

In the meanwhile, another change in the law is that of the use of saliva. Law 41.3 states that the use of Saliva is prohibited. This has been done to ensure that fielders can’t use any banned substance to alter the condition of the ball. The use of saliva will be treated the same way as any other method adopted to alter the condition of the ball.

Further on, there are several changes to the dead ball rule. The rendition of the rule states that if a person or animal invades the pitch, then the ball shall be called a dead ball. Last but not the least, if the bowler throws the ball in order to run out the striker before entering their delivery stride, then that too shall be a dead ball.


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