5-year-old viral kid gets to train with Sachin Tendulkar in a dream come true moment

 5-year-old viral kid gets to train with Sachin Tendulkar in a dream come true moment

Not every individual is blessed with good cricketing skills. It is the talent and hard work that truly makes a cricketer successful. Some kids are born talented, like SK Shahid.

This five-year-old fan of Sachin Tendulkar went viral not too long ago. A video of him practising was posted by his parents on social media. Ultimately, this led to a life-changing experience as the talented kid got to train with the “Master Blaster” for five days.

As a matter of fact, the video of him training managed to get the attention of the late Shane Warne. Thus, the boy who lives in Kolkata got a lifetime opportunity to train at the Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy with the legendary batter himself. His father, who works at a hair salon, recently drew light on the same, and thanked Tendulkar.

“My son is five years old. His role model is Sachin Sir and it was his dream to see him. He wants to become a cricketer. Just to see him was his dream, but what Sachin Sir did, even a thank you is less. We had uploaded a video of Shahid on our Twitter handle. This video was tweeted by Fox Cricket, which is an Australian channel.

The channel tagged Tendulkar, former England captain Michael Vaughan and the late Shane Warne. We feel that Tendulkar saw this video after which a member of his team got in touch with us,” said Shahid’s father Shaikh Shamser, as quoted by Sports Tak.

Further on, he also stated that his son was given a routine, which he still follows. Shaikh then spoke about the advice given by Tendulkar to the boy. He said that they were shown several things pertaining to how catches are taken, and how the bat is held.

“He took us to the academy where Shahid trained for five days along with other activities including swimming. We have also been given a routine and a schedule, which we follow at home. He gave advice on which balls to be played on the back-foot, which balls to play on the front-foot, he showed that. They also showed how catches are taken and after that, how the bat and grip is held,” he said.


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