‘I knew it would be my last World Cup’ – Shikhar Dhawan on missing ODI World Cup 2023

 ‘I knew it would be my last World Cup’ – Shikhar Dhawan on missing ODI World Cup 2023

Shikhar Dhawan (Source – X)

India’s Attacking batsman Shikhar Dhawan recently got candid and talked about not being selected for the ODI World Cup 2023. Dhawan openly admitted that he might not have been the ideal candidate for the selection of the opening batters considering his age and the availability of multiple young batsmen like Shubman Gill who had lately been in phenomenal form. 

Before the commencement of the tournament gave a major heads-up to the Indian squad for better performance and believed that he should not regret not being selected considering God must have had other plans for him. Shikhar Dhawan will next be seen leading the IPL franchise Punjab Kings (previously known as Kings XI Punjab) in the 17th season of the tournament. He discussed that more than just winning the trophies it is important that the school enjoys each other’s company and shows an ethical performance. 

Shikhar Dhawan on not being selected for ODI World Cup 2023 

“I couldn’t make it to the World Cup. At this age, I knew that it would be my last World Cup for the Indian team and after that, I could only play to a certain level. So, I couldn’t get in even when my performance was good but I didn’t feel bad about it. Whatever god gives, be happy in that. So I accepted that and thought it happened for my betterment,” Dhawan said while talking to Karishma Mehta.

While talking about leading this IPL team, Punjab Kings, Shikhar Dhawan said, “I see us celebrating as a team. I see us creating a great bond. I see us having great work ethics enjoying each other’s company and performing really well, winning lots of trophies and not just being good cricketers but getting defined as good human beings as well. Improving our communication and I see us creating better strategies and better plans.”


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