Last minute goal helps Brazil beat Peru by 1-0 in World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

 Last minute goal helps Brazil beat Peru by 1-0 in World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

Brazil beat Peru (Source: Twitter)

After crushing Bolivia by 5-1 in their first game, Brazil beat Peru by 1-0 to register their second victory in the World Cup 2026 qualifiers. A last-minute goal from Marquinhos helped the five-time World Champion continue their dominance in qualifying round 1.

With this last-minute victory, Brazil equalled points with arch-rival Argentina in the South American qualifying standings. Both teams are at the top with six points each. It’s worth noting that under the leadership of interim coach Fernando Diniz, the side has been phenomenal in the last two games. They have aggressively kept possessions and played an attacking game.

Earlier in the game, Brazil started with an aggressive approach. They kept the ball in the other half and struck twice into the net. Raphinha and Richarlison did strike the net, but it was overturned by the umpires due to offside. However, their efforts came alive in the last few minutes as Marquinhos scored for Brazil.

“It’s always important to win”, says Brazil coach Fernando Diniz

After the game, Brazil’s interim coach, Fernando Diniz, spoke with the media and praised his team. He said, “I’m pleased with what we’ve shown in both games. Today’s game had a different atmosphere. The team had to score three goals to make one count. It’s always important to win. I think we won with a lot of credit. I really enjoyed it.

“We practised set pieces both in Belem and here. Set pieces define the game, and today they did. We scored through persistence. A well-struck ball and anticipation on the first post”, Diniz further added. It’s worth noting that the five-time world champions will face Venezuela in their upcoming game. After that, the team will move to Uruguay next month. It’s worth noting that Brazil will need to maintain their winning run to qualify for the further rounds.


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