Sachin vs Kohli: Here’s what Master Blaster has to say on hottest debate of the decade

 Sachin vs Kohli: Here’s what Master Blaster has to say on hottest debate of the decade

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The Sachin-Virat comparison has been going on for a long time and doesn’t look to end soon. Tendulkar, one of the greatest batters of all time, is a proud owner of numerous cricket records, including astonishing 100 international centuries.  On the other hand, Kohli has emerged as the greatest batter of the modern era. He has 27 hundreds in Tests and 43 in ODIs, closest to Sachin Tendulkar. Naturally, the similarities triggered a debate between the cricket fanatics about the better batter between the two.

Meanwhile, in an interview with American journalist Graham Bensinger, the 100-century maker was asked about Virat’s comparison with himself to which Tendulkar gave a befitting reply. He responded by saying ‘How about having both of us in one team?’

The former India skipper, a few years, ago, had said that two players can be compared only when they are worthy of it. In that interaction, he was asked what he thinks of Sachin-Virat comparison. The 99-Test veteran responded he can’t be compared with Sachin as he idolizes him and started playing cricket only after watching Sachin bat.

‘You can only compare those who are worthy of the comparison. You are comparing me to someone because of whom I started playing cricket in the first place. I stand no chance in terms of skill level. He’s the most complete batsman ever. Then how can you even compare?’ Kohli had then asked Gaurav Kapur on Breakfast with Champions’.

He had also revealed about the precious gift he gave to Sachin for inspiring him. “We usually wear threads around our wrists. In India, a lot of people do. So my father gave one to me which he used to have. So I used to keep that in my bag. And then I thought this is the most valuable thing I have so it was like My father gave this to me and I couldn’t give you anything more valuable,” said Virat Kohli.

“I just want you to know how much you have inspired me and how much you mean to all of us. This is my little gift to you,” he added while narrating the incident.


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