Sanjay Manjrekar makes huge comment on Rohit Sharma playing under Hardik Pandya ahead of IPL 2024

 Sanjay Manjrekar makes huge comment on Rohit Sharma playing under Hardik Pandya ahead of IPL 2024

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IPL 2024 is around the corner as nine sides will look to oust Chennai Super Kings as the champions. Mumbai Indians haven’t won the title for the last three years. This has seen the team take a huge call to name a new skipper which has created discontent.

Hardik Pandya who led Gujarat Titans to the title win in 2022 has been named the new skipper. Former India batter Sanjay Manjrekar has spoken about the entire captaincy equation.

According to Manjrekar, other senior members of Mumbai Indians could also be affected by this move. Rohit Sharma’s removal as the skipper was called a “Cricketing” move by Coach Mark Boucher.

Sanjay Manjrekar speaks on Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya

Mumbai Indians’ decision to change the captain was spoken about by Sanjay Manjrekar. According to the former India player, Rohit Sharma might find it tricky to play under new skipper Hardik Pandya. Speaking to Star Sports India, Manjrekar said “It is going to be tricky, Hardik Pandya is a guy who has got a bit of swag. He will carry that into the Mumbai Indians dressing room as well. And it will be a bit uncomfortable because Rohit Sharma might have thought, he will get one more year as captain.”

Manjrekar also spoke about how someone like Suryakumar Yadav will feel at this change. “Suryakumar Yadav might also have something similar in his mind, that he might have been able to lead Mumbai Indians this season. But Hardik Pandya won’t let that affect him. It will be entertaining.”

Parthiv Patel chimed in and said that Hardik Pandya might feel the pressure during the season. The 38-year-old said “There will be a lot of pressure on Hardik. It will be challenging, replacing a 5-time title-winning skipper and a team that is used to playing a certain way for 10 years. And, this change of guard will be challenging for Hardik and for the players who are so used to playing under Rohit Sharma.”

The first schedule for IPL 2024 was announced and Mumbai Indians will take on Gujarat Titans. It will be interesting because Hardik Pandya will go to Ahmedabad as the opposition skipper for the first time. Aakash Chopra had recently said that he wants the crowd to boo Hardik Pandya.


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