‘There is no Fab 4 right now’ – Aakash Chopra suggests removal of star player from prestigious list

 ‘There is no Fab 4 right now’ – Aakash Chopra suggests removal of star player from prestigious list

Virat Kohli Aakash Chopra

Cricket like any other sport is highly competitive wherein a myriad of different players vie for the top spot. Cricket has a few players who keep interchanging positions at the top but it is always one of those few who grace the cricket podium.

For the last decade or so, it has been Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and Virat Kohli who has dominated scoring charts in international cricket. Recently however Indian cricket star, These four players have dominated world cricket so much that there was a unique term coined for them. The term ‘Fab 4’ began signifying the quadruple of Kohli, Williamson, Root, and Smith.

Virat Kohli however seems to be losing his place on the board all thanks to his poor run of form in red-ball cricket. This is what former India cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra seems to think.

“Kane and Joe Root, no question about it. Steve Smith, averaging 50 with six hundreds, no question about him. But David Warner and Virat Kohli, at this point of time, they are not a part of Fab 4. There’s no Fab 4 right now, there’s Fab 3,” Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

Babar is not in the list – Chopra

Chopra also claimed that Babar Azam could make it to the Fab 4 but at the moment he is not fit to be part of the group yet. “You might think adding Babar Azam’s name in there. But while there’s no doubt that he had scored runs in Test cricket, I don’t think he is part of Fab 4 at the moment. I’m only talking about Test matches here,” Chopra said.

Talking more of Virat Kohli he said, “Joe Root, Kane Williamson, and Steve Smith are there, but Virat Kohli has slipped out of that list, and so has Warner. Kohli might actually come back but I’m not sure about Warner. The latter’s Test career, I think, is coming to an end,” he claimed.  With a score of 14 and 49 in the World Test Championship 2023 Final, Kohli laid a prime example of his struggling form in red-ball cricket.


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