‘They would horde me from behind and…’ – Former WWE star revealed heat he faced as a partner of Goldberg

 ‘They would horde me from behind and…’ – Former WWE star revealed heat he faced as a partner of Goldberg

Goldberg (Source: Twitter)

Goldberg’s entry to the WCW in 2003 was sensational. The swag of the superstar went so well with the audience that they wanted to eagerly see him in action. The fans loved the fact that it was difficult to beat Goldberg. While the audience embraced Goldberg, the same could not be said about the members in the locker room, who were not pleased much with the entry of the superstar.  

In a recent interview, Maven, who was one of the former tag-team partners of Goldberg, revealed that Da Man was not so welcomed by the members in the locker room. The statement comes as a surprise, as Maven was himself a mid-card entry and Goldberg was a top star. The former WWE superstar revealed how he faced heat from the members of the locker room.  

He was making like 3 million dollars’ – Maven

“I think he was making like three million dollars and was not wrestling house shows because, when he was, I was tagging with him, all I did was go out like Evolution would go out to the ring, and then my music would hit, and I would come out,” said Maven about the hype around Goldberg. Maven said that he went to the stage like evolution did.   

Maven further added that he faced incredible heat from the members in the locker room. “Now mind you, this was after wrestling earlier in the night, and then I would get halfway down, and then Goldberg’s music would hit, and like a dumba** I would turn around. They would horde me from behind and then literally 20 minutes of nothing but heat,” expressed Maven.  

The hype for Goldberg was unreal. The superstar used to make very few appearances and yet he used to bag huge money for his matches, as compared to other superstars. The fans asked for more of Goldberg. All these factors did not go well with other superstars in the locker room. Hence, Goldberg and his former partner Maven were not liked by the superstars in WWE back in time.   


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