Watch: USA win thriller after stealing two byes and forcing the match into Super Over

 Watch: USA win thriller after stealing two byes and forcing the match into Super Over

USA vs Canada (Credit: USA Cricket)

Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batter Mushfiqur Rahim was guilty enough of celebrating a win rather early against India in the quarter-final match of the 20-20 World Cup in 2016. Canada wicketkeeper-batter Hamza Tariq too will now rue the fact of celebrating the victory a tad too early against USA in the ongoing 20-20 World Cup Americas Qualifiers in Antigua.

Chasing 143 for victory, USA batters Ali Khan and Rusty Theron were the two unbeaten batters at the crease, with the equation needing three to get off the final ball. The former took the strike but failed to connect the wild slog. Theron sensed there was a single and ran off to collect the bye before wicketkeeper Hamza took off the bails at the striker’s end. And from here the chaos started as the Canadian thought he ran out Ali and began to celebrate.

Theron saw opportunity for an extra run and called out Ali, who thought he was out and was making a long walk to the pavilion. In what would have been a relief to Theron, Ali saw his partner and completed the single. Canadians thought they won the match and could not see the two USA batters completing the extra run.

Soon the Canada players saw what was happening and ran out of Theron when he tried to get another single. The umpires gave two runs to the USA and the match ended in a tie. Canada players could not believe what had just happened and argued with umpires about the verdict of the match. But according to the laws of the game, the run was on. The USA then went on to win the match in the Super Over.

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