All the details you need to know about ODI World Cup 2023 match tickets

 All the details you need to know about ODI World Cup 2023 match tickets

Narendra Modi Stadium (source: Twitter)

The ODI World Cup 2023 is scheduled to commence in only 3 months, and the tickets will go on sale the following week. However, costs for rooms, particularly the premium ones in Ahmedabad, have risen dramatically since the World Cup schedule was released. Fans have already begun making reservations for the eagerly awaited India vs. Pakistan game scheduled for October 15th.

Although the Apex Cricket Council has not yet made the World Cup 2023 tickets available to the public, it is anticipated that they will do so on July 1. To keep up with today’s technological advances, the entire procedure of ordering and receiving tickets will be done digitally.

England and New Zealand to play ODI World Cup 2023 opener

“There are a few last-minute details to be finalized. We are trying to make the entire experience digital. We are in talks with the partners. Ticket details should be out by next week. Yes, we are aware of the complaints by fans about the difficulties. But not everything can be controlled. High hotel prices are not in our control,” a senior Indian Cricket Board official was quoted as saying in InsideSport.

There may have been an extremely high demand for rooms, based on the cost on a number of hotel booking websites. While most hotels are already fully booked for that day, the price of renting a room has climbed by almost 10 times, with some costing close to one lakh rupees. The tournament is set to commence in less than 100 days, and hotels have already begun to receive reservations in advance.

There will be 5 games played in Ahmedabad. England’s match against New Zealand at Ahmedabad will serve as the tournament’s opening game. India will play one game versus Pakistan at this location during the group stage. This renowned location will also host the World Cup 2023 finals, which will take place on November 19th.

ODI World Cup 2023 Matches in Ahmedabad:

5 October – England vs New Zealand
15 October – India vs Pakistan
4 November – England vs Australia
10 November – South Africa vs Afghanistan
19 November – Final


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