Divided by fans united by themselves: Fans react as Gautam Gambhir catches up with his ‘skipper’

 Divided by fans united by themselves: Fans react as Gautam Gambhir catches up with his ‘skipper’

MSD-GG (image source: BCCI)

Lucknow took on Chennai in the 7th of the Indian T20 League 2022. It was a very thrilling match that went down the wire. Lucknow pulled off an epic chase as the Lucknow batter Evin Lewis batted brilliantly in a crunch situation to register Lucknow’s first win this season.

The fans were waiting for this clash not only for the on-field class that they expected to witness but also for the famous Gambhir-Dhoni clash. MS Dhoni is playing as a player for Chennai this season after stepping down from the captaincy of the team and handing over the responsibilities to Ravindra Jadeja. While Gautam Gambhir is currently the mentor of the Lucknow team and he was actively engaged with the team since the mega auction.

The duo of Gambhir and Dhoni have been rumored to have strife between them. Reportedly the distance between them started during India’s tour of Australia after the 2011 world cup. Gambhir alleged that the captain of the team MS Dhoni had a meeting with the three senior members of the team Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, and himself, and let them know that only two of the trio will play the one-day series. After this Gambhir has been often seen criticizing Dhoni on his captaincy decisions and batting approach in the media.

When Gambhir captained Kolkata in the Indian T20 League the fans eagerly waited for the clash of the two skippers. So, the match between Chennai and Lucknow was sort of a clock turning back to the time when the two used to meet as rivals on the field. During a pre-season conversation with StarSports Gambhir said that he is most excited about the fact that Lucknow and Chennai are in the same group and they will meet two times in the season, showing how charged up he was for the encounter. Gambhir expressed his emotions after his team won yesterday’s match as he got excited about how his team pulled off a heist against Chennai.

However, after the match, Gambhir and Dhoni were seen chatting with each other. This reflected the fact despite differences of opinion they have a lot of mutual respect for each other. A few days earlier during a conversation with Jatin Sapru on YouTube in the program ‘Over and Out’, Gambhir stated that he has a lot of respect for his former captain and he will be the first to stand beside Dhoni if he is ever in need.

Gambhir shared the pictures of his after-match moments with MSD with the caption – “It was nice catching up skipper.” The picture soon went viral on social media and fans were reacting to the moment the two shared. However, there were also memes that circulated on social media based on the rumored difference between the duo.

Here is how the fans reacted on the post and some memes the fans shared earlier.









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