Five Teams With Most Fours In Indian T20 League

 Five Teams With Most Fours In Indian T20 League

Ravindra Jadeja (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

A crisp drive through covers or an elegant glance of the pads, or even a powerful slog or a reverse sweep, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing your favourite player sending the ball to the boundary. Boundaries play a crucial role, especially in T20 cricket where quick runs are the need of the hour. While six is the best result a batting team can get, it’s not always easy to send the ball over the boundary.

However, hitting fours is an art itself. It’s no way easier than hitting sixes. However, some players are very good at those. Over the years, the Indian T20 League has seen many talented cricketers grace the cricket field and help their team win crucial games. In the process, they have hit numerous boundaries as well. Here in this listicle, we will read about teams with the most boundaries in Indian T20 League.

Top five teams with most fours


The five-time ITL champions carry the record of hitting most fours in 14 seasons. Talking about the boundaries they have hit, the Men In Blue and Gold have hit 2980 fours. They have played a lot more games than other teams which has helped their cause. However, they have always had players that were good at hitting boundaries.


The 2020 runners-up have hit the second most fours since 2008. Delhi has seen some massive growth in the last two seasons. They reached the final in 2020 and made it to the playoffs in 2021 after being blow par in most of the seasons. Despite being inconsistent, Delhi have had players who were very good at hitting boundaries. The likes of Shikhar Dhawan, Glenn Maxwell, Virender Sehwag have been part of the team.


The two-time winners have hit the third most fours since 2008. They have hit 2840 fours in the last 14 years. Kolkata have been one of the more consistent teams in the tournament and it’s no surprise seeing them on the list. You cannot be consistent if you can’t hit boundaries in T20 cricket.


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