IPL 2023 final follows the Super Bowl route as it is set to have two singers for closing ceremony

 IPL 2023 final follows the Super Bowl route as it is set to have two singers for closing ceremony

IPL Closing Ceremony (Source: Twitter)

Artists Vivian Divine, King, Jonita Gandhi, and Nucleya will perform in the 2023 IPL Closing Ceremony on May 28 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad at a ceremony akin to the Super Bowl. The IPL 2023 final will feature Divine and Nucleya, who are known for their hit songs, and they promise to bring it. Through their official Twitter account, the IPL acknowledged their presence. Divine will perform in the middle of the performance, and Nucleya will start the event at 6:30. 

The Super Bowl mid-game closing ceremony will be held for the first time in IPL history. American football players frequently use this idea as amusement during the NFL’s annual championship game. The crowd will be entertained for roughly 20 minutes by Divine as well as Jonita Gandhi after the opening inning.

Ranveer Singh as well as A.R. Rahman delighted the audience through their groovy performances during the most recent IPL 2022 season, but the BCCI has yet to confirm their attendance at the IPL 2023 ceremony. As of right now, Divine and Nucleya will be in the 16th season of IPL closing ceremony, according to the Indian Cricket Board.

The most well-known rapper in India, Divine, is responsible for numerous successes like Farak, Chal Bombay, Punya Paap, and Azaadi. The opening ceremony will include Nucleya. The rapper is the author of numerous hits. The two will undoubtedly brighten the IPL 2023 finale at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Stadium. In addition to the two rappers, Indian Cricket Board intends to bring in a few other big names for the IPL grand finale.

More News ahead of the Indian Premier League Final

After defeating Gujarat Titans in the first Qualifier match of the IPL 2023, Chennai Super Kings were already guaranteed their spot in the championship game. The finals, which will take place on May 28 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, will feature the winning team of Qualifier 2 involving Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians.

The contest featuring the reigning champions, GT, and the five-time champions, MI, in Qualifier 2, is sure to be exciting.  At 8 PM IST, the Indian Premier League 2023 final will start following the concluding ceremony. Due to a scheduled opening ceremony prior to the first game of the game, the first game involving Gujarat Titans as well as Chennai Super Kings started at 8 PM IST. 


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