Ja Morant removed from the squad for the next two games after he sparks controversy by flashing a gun on IG

 Ja Morant removed from the squad for the next two games after he sparks controversy by flashing a gun on IG

Ja Morant (Source: Twitter)

This is not the first situation involving the All-Star player that has occurred. According to a recently released police record, Morant has most recently been charged with making threatening remarks to a mall security guard in Memphis last summer.

After an incident on Jan. 29 in Memphis, which Morant said resulted in a friend of his being prohibited from attending home matches there for a year, the league also looked into Morant’s activities. Many Pacers players reportedly saw a red dot pointing at them, according to unnamed sources cited in The Indianapolis Star and USA Today, and The Athletic claimed that a Pacers security guard thought it was a laser. 

The NBA acknowledged that certain people were excluded from the venue but insisted that there was no proof that anyone had been threatened with a weapon. The Grizzlies arrived in Los Angeles today following their loss in Denver yesterday night, but they will not practise in preparation for their match against the Clippers.

The most recent information comes as Nike prepares to debut Morant’s first pair of trademark sneakers, the Ja 1, later this month. The great guard for the Grizzlies has signed a sponsorship agreement with Powerade.

The contentious video is said to have been streamed live by Morant early on Saturday morning on his Instagram profile, but it was not saved after he stopped. The video was the main topic of discussion ahead of the weekend and is still a heated debate regarding the star guard for Grizzlies.

What did the authorities say about the incident involving Morant?

After this controversy erupted, the franchise issued a statement informing the situation of the player and what are repercussions of such an incident. The Grizzlies issued a statement which confirmed Morant would be “away from the team for at least the next two games.”

Post the incident on Saturday morning, the National Basketball Association (NBA) tweeted that “We are aware of a social media post involving Ja Morant and are investigating,” the NBA said in a statement released Saturday morning.”


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