James Faulkner banned from PSL after all-rounder alleges mistreatment and payment fraud

 James Faulkner banned from PSL after all-rounder alleges mistreatment and payment fraud

James Faulkner (Image source: Twitter)

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) saw a massive controversy when Australia all-rounder James Faulkner pulled out of the tournament citing non payment on the dues. James Faulkner had claimed that the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan Super League didn’t respect his contractual agreement on Saturday. He took to Twitter to say that the way he was treated by the board, as well as the league, was a “disgrace”.

His Tweet instantly went viral, and several fans reacted to the same. While some, sympathized with him, the others felt that he was lying. However, the PCB later released a press release, and  ridiculed Faulkner’s claims.

As a matter of fact, they have decided to ban him from Pakistan’s T20 league. They stated that the behaviour of the all-rounder was “disappointed and dismayed”. Further on, the board also mentioned that no player has ever had an issue with respect to payments in the history of the league.

“In the seven years of the HBL Pakistan Super League, no player has ever complained about the nonfulfillment of the PCB’s contractual obligations. Taking serious note of Mr James Faulkner’s gross misconduct that was an attempt to bring the PCB, Pakistan cricket and the HBL Pakistan Super League into disrepute, it has been unanimously agreed by the PCB and the franchises that Mr James Faulkner will not be drafted in future HBL Pakistan Super League events,” read PCB’s press release.

Earlier, Pakistan journalist Farid Khan had made some bold claims as well. He took to Twitter to say that Faulkner was asked to leave after he broke the hotel chandelier. He also mentioned the fact that the 31-year-old has been involved in a lot of controversies in the past.

“Faulkner has been involved in controversies in the past too, I didn’t want to tweet it but I will have to. Faulkner was sent back home this morning, he had broken the chandelier of PC hotel in Lahore too, had thrown his personal belongings in disgust as well [1/2]” read Farid Khan’s Tweet.

“There has never been a single issue with PSL due to non payments EVER. All players are paid 50%-70% in advance and rest of the payment is released too. PSL has happened every year smoothly and without any issues. The PCB should issue press release and reveal the real thing [2/2]” read his second Tweet where he spoke about the same.


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