Jofra Archer hints at availability for Mumbai in Indian T20 League

 Jofra Archer hints at availability for Mumbai in Indian T20 League

archer (image source: Twitter)

English pacer Jofra Archer is famous for his lethal pace. He is one bowler who is brilliant with the ball at any stage of the innings. Archer was bought by the Mumbai franchise for the Indian T20 League 2022 season for INR 8 crore. The combination of Bumrah and Archer taking the field together has left one and all excited. However, Archer’s elbow issue means he will not take part in the league this year and will be available from only the next season.

Archer said that he is going to be available for the franchise in the next season. “As it stands, it was always going to be next year. But I think I have progressed a bit faster than we all thought we would have which is still good but it’s still gonna be next year. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up too high. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. So, I’m going to say next year,” said the pacer.

Notably, Archer has not been active over the last year.  He was expected to come back in the series against West Indies but could not due to surgery for a second time in December for his elbow issue.

“The ECB has registered Jofra Archer for the auction with a view to potential participation in 2023 and 2024, as due to his current injury it is unlikely that he can participate in Indian T20 League 2022. Therefore, his name has been included in the auction list, but he won’t feature in the marquee or other sets to be presented,” the Chief Operating Officer of the Indian T20 League said.

He will be available to be called during the accelerated auction and whoever picks him will not get a replacement player for Indian T20 League 2022 season for his place as he is already injured and unlikely to participate in  Indian T20 League 2022,” he added.


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