Watch: Lionel Messi impresses fans with his acting skills in the TV series Los Protectores

 Watch: Lionel Messi impresses fans with his acting skills in the TV series Los Protectores

Recently, Lionel Messi said that according to him he has achieved everything that can be achieved in football. He was seen relaxing and enjoying his last few days of vacation in his native Argentina. Continuing an illustrious football career, the legendary footballer has now made his acting debut as an actor in a series called ‘Los Protectores’.

The Tv series is majorly broadcasted in Argentina on the Star + streaming service as well as in which the star Argentina striker is playing himself. Messi was seen in a scene in which the 36-year-old striker appears for approximately five minutes, and in it, the Rosario player is featured along with three representatives played by Argentine actors Adrián Suar, Gustavo Bermúdez, and the Colombian Andres Parra.

In the scene, Messi is presented with a business opportunity by the three “Protectores” that would allow him to play for a different team every day in every Argentine league. All four parties appeal for calm as the matter comes to a head, and Messi ultimately agrees to sponsor a project that will aid young Argentine football players who want to transfer to Europe.

The well-liked Argentine TV program, which is only available on Star+, debuted on March 9, 2022, and the second season was made available on Sunday, June 25, 2023. The group contacted Lionel Messi in Paris in the opening episode of season two and offered to collaborate on a project that will aid young athletes. Messi loved the concept at first, but he was enraged by one of the representatives’ business intentions.

Here is Lionel Messi’s video

The movie synopsis read, “The story focuses on three soccer representatives who are in decline, since they are in a difficult economic situation and must manage to get out of bankruptcy, thus forming an alliance between the three, however, an international soccer star will appear and they will begin to fight for him until they decide to make a temporary union: a job as protectors.”

As soon as the episode went viral, the fans took down social media to congratulate and appreciate the star footballer Messi’s acting skills.


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