‘Sahi mein nhi hoga’- Fans react as Emiliano Martinez doubts any player will match Lionel Messi’s legacy

 ‘Sahi mein nhi hoga’- Fans react as Emiliano Martinez doubts any player will match Lionel Messi’s legacy

Lionel Messi and Emiliano Martinez (Source: Twitter)

Emiliano Martinez, the remarkable goalkeeper for Argentina’s FIFA World Cup 2022-winning team and recipient of the prestigious Golden Glove award, recently made an appearance on the renowned Kolkata chat program ‘Tahader Kotha’ (Their Story). During the interview, Martinez provided captivating insights, including his candid response to a question about who might fill the void left by Lionel Messi in the future. As a pivotal figure in Argentina’s triumphant World Cup campaign in 2022, Martinez’s remarks carry substantial weight.

The Golden Gloves winner was an important player under Lionel Messi’s captaincy. Many consider it to be the greatest moment of his career. Apart from the World Cup, Messi has received several other awards during his career, including seven Ballon d’Or. As a result, it’s not surprising that Martinez believes Messi will be unreplaceable in the future.

Messi is the best player ever: Emiliano Martinez

Speaking about Messi, Martinez said during his visit to Kolkata, he stated, “Messi is the best player ever. No one can match Messi. He’s from another planet. Comparing him with anyone else is impossible.” “During the tiebreaker in the final, Messi came to me and said, ‘You can save us again.’ The best player in the world said that.”

When he was asked about the team’s reaction after the first loss against Saudi Arabia, Martinez said, “It was my first loss as an Argentina goalkeeper. We have the best players in the world, and we have the best player in the world. We had confidence in ourselves.” He also said how Messi helped the team, stating, “He was born to win. His pep talk before every game emphasized that we are only fighting to win. We have to play complete football.”

He further added, “When I play in goal I think I can be the best. Winning the Copa America, the Finalissma against Italy, and the World Cup. We won everything. We’re going to win the Copa America and hopefully the next World Cup.”

Martinez also stated that he has no plans to end his international career and is eager to win more championships with the Albiceleste now that he is achieving his boyhood goal. Martinez is now on his post-season leave and will return to Aston Villa training in July. Meanwhile, Messi might make his Inter Miami debut on July 21 against Cruz Azul in a Leagues Cup match.

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