WATCH: Ramiz Raja takes sly dig at Babar Azam after Pakistan’s loss to South Africa

 WATCH: Ramiz Raja takes sly dig at Babar Azam after Pakistan’s loss to South Africa

Ramiz Raja (Source-Twitter)

Former Pakistani skipper and cricket Chief Ramiz Raja has hit out at Babar Azam. This comes after Pakistan’s 1-wicket loss to South Africa in Chennai on Friday. It was the fourth successive loss in the tournament for the Pakistani team.

Post the loss there has been lots of analysis and many have called for the removal of Babar Azam. There were also reports of Pakistan already looking at a possible successor for the 29-year-old.

Ramiz Raja is currently in India doing commentary during the ODI World Cup 2023. The former PCB chief took to his own YouTube channel to make a tongue-in-cheek comment. The statement was directed towards Babar Azam without taking his name and it has now gone viral on social media.

Ramiz Raja’s viral statement on Babar Azam –

After Pakistan lost to South Africa by 1 wicket, Ramiz Raja couldn’t hide his disappointment. The former Pakistani skipper said “The one who gets out after completing his fifty, give him the last warning for the next match that if you repeat the same pattern, there is no space in the team for you. Because he consumes the overs, spends the time on the wicket, balances the innings but then destroys it completely as well”

The statement was directed at Babar Azam who was dismissed just after scoring his half-century. This was the third 50 of the tournament for Babar Azam and his second in two games. His previous first 50 came during the game against India in Ahmedabad.

Ramiz Raja also said “Pakistan have a lot of problems to deal with. Babar Azam needs to improve a lot tactically. Hasan Ali was getting the ball to reverse towards the back end of the innings. The equation was run-a-ball at that stage. Pakistan needed wickets, and Hasan Ali looked very close to getting a dismissal. What was the need to bowl a spinner from the other end?

During the post-game interaction, it was Ramiz Raja who had a word with Babar Azam. After he chatted with the Pakistani skipper, Ramiz Raja said “It was a massive disaster for Pakistan in this World Cup. Losing to Afghanistan will hurt badly. The disappointment was written large on Babar Azam’s face when I interviewed him… Pakistan have never dealt with a surprising defeat like this one before,”

The former PCB Chief concluded by saying “After this World Cup, there has to be a serious discussion about altering the DNA of this team. They need a complete overhaul in terms of mindset, approach, new talent, and new ideas. We need to improve on each and every aspect. Pakistan has hit rock bottom. Babar Azam needs to step up and prove himself as a leader amid all this,”


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