Watch: Umpires signals a wide but batter hilariously gets out caught behind

 Watch: Umpires signals a wide but batter hilariously gets out caught behind

Village Cricket (Image Credit: Twitter)

There are a lot of worst ways for a batter to get out in the game of cricket. Over the years, there have been a lot of instances when a batter has gotten out on the worst of worst deliveries. In village cricket, there are a lot of videos on the internet where such funny dismissals have gone viral. Once again, a village cricket video has surfaced which is quite hilarious.

In a video uploaded by the Barmy Army on Twitter, the umpire was seen signalling a wide even before the ball reached the batter. According to the rules, the umpire can only give their decision after the ball has been bowled. On the other hand, the batter decided to take advantage of the delivery going outside the leg-stump. To his bad luck, the ball caught the top edge of the blade.

He was caught behind by the wicketkeeper and the batter headed to the pavilion. The video has gained 160,000 views and counting and has 988 likes and counting.

Watch the video here

It can be safely said that the batters and umpires wouldn’t have thought that they would witness a day such as this. This can be a lesson for the duo. On one hand, the umpire can now be careful in giving judgements before the event. On the other hand, the batter can learn how not to be greedy. The Twitter users have also come up with some funny comments. One user said “Did he pull the pin before throwing that hand Grenade?”

“Difficult to judge if that ball even landed on the pitch or just off; which would (should) have resulted in a no-ball,” another user tweeted.

“Not that much celebration by the fielding team, presumably this is a regular occurrence?!” another user lamented.

“Absolute mystery ball,” another fan tweeted.

“That’s why batting can be so frustrating.  We’ve all been there trying to hit a rank delivery too hard.  Unlucky fella and welcome to the Club!” another user wrote.


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