Muttiah Muralitharan Shares His Views On The Deepti Sharma-Charlie Dean Run Out Controversy

 Muttiah Muralitharan Shares His Views On The Deepti Sharma-Charlie Dean Run Out Controversy

Muttiah Muralitharan speaks up on Deepti Sharma – Charlotte Dean Controversy (Image Source: Twitter)

On 24 September, India Women wrote history as they defeated Englan Women on their soil in a three-match ODI series. They managed to win all three games against England Women. But, in the last match, the dismissal of Charlotte Dean became the talk of the town as Deepti Sharma ran out her at the non-striker’s end. After that incident, many cricketers criticized Deepti for her actions while fans have come in support of her. 

Even, in a recent media interaction, Deepti Sharma said that they warned the batter first. After several warnings, they went for that mode of dismissal. On the other hand, many cricketers have shown support for the Indian bowler as it is within the rule of the game only. Now, former Sri Lankan bowler, Muttiah Muralitharan shared his views regarding that incident.

If Deepti Sharma had given the warning to the non-striker, then it is right spirit of the game” – Muttiah Muralidharan

Former Sri Lankan spinner is currently busy playing in the Legends League Cricket In Cuttack. So, speaking exclusively over the telephone from there, Murali said: “what presence of mind? No cricketer would play international matches if he or she has no presence of mind. I would have appreciated Deepti (Sharma) if she had given the warning to the non-striker first. It would have been in the right spirit of the game then”.

He added that what Deepti did, was in the law but not in the spirit of the game. “Yes, lawfully, she (Deepti Sharma) was right in running out the non-striker but that’s in the law and not in the spirit of the game. The white ball game is a pressure game and in a tight situation the non-striker may have left the crease early and if this act by the non-striker is repeated, the run out is justified. Not otherwise in my opinion” Muttiah Muralidharan concluded.

Speaking about the incident, Deepti said: “We already warned her as we saw her often leaving the crease. So, we just did what is under the rules and guidelines. We already warned her and told umpires about it.” However, in response to that, England Women skipper, Heather Knight accused India of lying about warnings. On Twitter, she wrote: “The game is over, Charlie was dismissed legitimately. India were deserved winners of the match and the series. But no warnings were given. They don’t need to be given, so it hasn’t made the dismissal any less legitimate. But if they’re comfortable with the decision to affect the run out, India shouldn’t feel the need to justify it by lying about warnings.”

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